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Tcs Series Voltage Reduce and Compensation Solid Soft Starter

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Basic Info
  • Model NO.: TCS2/TCS3
  • Installation: Vertical
  • Transport Package: Wooden Canse
  • HS Code: 8537209000
  • Certification: ISO9001, CCC
  • Trademark: BIG PAWER
  • Origin: China
Product Description

I Overview

TCS series of voltage-reduced compensation solid soft starting devices are applicable to   large or medium-sized high voltage squirrel-cage AC asynchronous motor or asynchronously started high-voltage synchronous electric motor for the purpose of motor soft starting.The device can achieve small and invariable current and large torque with gradual increase characteristic of the soft starting when starting the electric machine, and the influence on starting grid is very small, and no electromagnetic interference.Its starting performance is superior to the frequency converter for simple structure, exempting from maintenance and no harmonics and it is also an ideal substitute for all kinds of voltage-reduced starting products.
The device uses two patented technologies, technical level of domestic leading an international initiative.
Patent:ZL 2006 2 0098882.0;ZL 2006 2 0095622.8.
The device can be applied to the soft starting of the 6,10kv large capacity motor below 50000kw.

II Principle and equipment

1.The overall structure and working principle
The main circuit as shown in Figure 2-1:
Tcs Series Voltage Reduce and Compensation Solid Soft Starter
                                                            Figure 2-1 TCS main circuit
The device include voltage-controlled device and reactive power control device, also it   needs start cabinet, running cabinet and other relative switch cabinet.The device through the start cabinet is connected with the 10kV bus.When start high-voltage power through the device to provide starting power for the motor.Then close the running cabinet to provide running power for the motor.
Because large motor in the starting process will consume a large amount of reactive power, causing power grid voltage fluctuations.In order to reduce motor starting influence of the grid voltage, the device provides a reactive power generator which is connected with the motor in parallelproviding for Motor Starting some of the needs of reactive power.
In order to further reduce the bus current I1, the device connect the reactive power control devices and motor through a voltage transformer to bus, by reducing the terminal voltage to further reduce the current.The output current of the transformer is the difference between motor current ID and reactive power current IC, the ratio between first and second voltage of the transformer is 1:K,k<1)..

Therefore, by adjusting the voltage ratio of the transformer and reactive power current the starting current which flows from bus bar can be limited within a certain range.
2.Device components and their function
This device consists of voltage controlled device and reactive power control device, it also needs start cabinet, running cabinet and other supporting switch cabinets.Voltage controlled device includes the voltage transformer and voltage control cabinet;Reactive power control device includes reactive power generator and reactive power control cabinet.
Tcs Series Voltage Reduce and Compensation Solid Soft Starter

The role of voltage transformer is to reduce the motor terminal voltage to an appropriate value of starting.The voltage transformer input from the bus voltage, taking into account the power grid and load fluctuations, the voltage transformer is set to three switch positions.
There are two functions of the voltage control cabinet:First, to regulate the balance of secondary voltage and weaken the neutral point of the voltage drift;Second, to reduce the switch surge.
The role of reactive power generator is to provide reactive power to motor, reduce the reactive current of absorption from the grid, thereby to reduce the impact on the power grid.As figure2-2 shown:
Tcs Series Voltage Reduce and Compensation Solid Soft Starter

Figure 2-2   Vector of reactive power compensation
As can be seen from the figure, in the motor-side to provide reactive power, the current I absorbed from the system decreased significantly.
Reactive power control cabinet and reactive power generator form the reactive power control system, timely to control reactive power generator to provide a reasonable reactive power.

III Model and specification

1.The composition and significance of models

Figure 3-1 Model Description
Such as:TCS3-20000/10,means 3 Series voltage-reduced compensation solid soft starting devices, applicable to 10kV motor, for motor power up to 20000kW.
2.Model and specification
TCS series voltage-reduced compensation solid soft starting devices is divided into 2, 3, 6 series.TCS2 series applies to 8000kW motor power below, the TCS3 Series applies to range from 8000kW to 40000kW, TCS6 Series range from 10000kW to 50000kW, and the same power of the 6 Series control accuracy is higher than the 3 Series.
Table 3-1 Model and specification sheet
Model Transformer Voltage
Reactive power generator Reactive power control cabinet
TCS2-5000/10(6) TV2-5000 TC2-5000 CG2-5000 CC2-2
TCS2-8000/10(6) TV2-8000 TC2-8000 CG2-8000 CC2-2
TCS3-5000/10(6) TV3-5000 TC3-5000 CG3-5000 CC3-2
TCS-8000/10(6) TV3-8000 TC3-8000 CG3-8000 CC3-2
TCS3-10000/10(6) TV3-10000 TC3-10000 CG3-10000 CC3-2
TCS3-12000/10(6) TV3-12000 TC3-12000 CG3-12000 CC3-2
TCS3-15000/10(6) TV3-15000 TC3-15000 CG3-15000 CC3-2
TCS3-18000/10(6) TV3-18000 TC3-18000 CG3-18000 CC3-2
TCS3-20000/10(6) TV3-20000 TC3-20000 CG3-20000 CC3-2
TCS3-25000/10 TV3-25000 TC3-25000 CG3-25000 CC3-2
TCS3-32000/10 TV3-32000 TC3-32000 CG3-32000 CC3-3
TCS3-40000/10 TV3-40000 TC3-40000 CG3-40000 CC3-3
TCS6-10000/10(6) TV6-10000 TC6-10000 CG6-10000 CC6-2
TCS6-13000/10(6) TV6-13000 TC6-13000 CG6-13000 CC6-2
TCS6-15000/10(6) TV6-15000 TC6-15000 CG6-15000 CC6-2
TCS6-18000/10(6) TV6-18000 TC6-18000 CG6-18000 CC6-2
TCS6-20000/10 TV6-20000 TC6-20000 CG6-20000 CC6-2
TCS6-25000/10 TV6-25000 TC6-25000 CG6-25000 CC6-3
TCS6-32000/10 TV6-32000 TC6-32000 CG6-32000 CC6-3
TCS6-40000/10 TV6-40000 TC6-40000 CG6-40000 CC6-4
TCS6-50000/10 TV6-50000 TC6-50000 CG6-50000 CC6-4
Note:1, Models 10 (6) means voltage level is 10kV (or 6kV).
2, Reactive control cabinet model is related with the group number of reactive power generator.

IV Features

1.Starting loop current is generally less than 1.5 times the motor rated current (2 series is generally less than 2 times), the minimum can reach rated current;
2.The Starting voltage drop of the grid is generally between 5% -12%;
3.Low request for power distribution capacity.Thus it could reduce the installation capacity of transformer and investment of equipments;
4.The starting torque is relatively high.Thus it can meet the demands of different loads;
5.It can be used continuously, and has high repetitive precision;
6.No harmonics, very low influence to power energy quality, low voltage drop and no additional active power loss;
7.All sealed, no environmental restriction, safe and reliable, long life, basically exempt from maintenance.

V main performance parameters

The main performance parameters of TCS 2, 3, 6 series soft-start device is shown as following table:
Table 5-1 main performance parameters of TCS series of soft-start device
Type For motor power
Rated voltage
Start current times Voltage drop of grid Maximum start time Allowable start times
TCS2 ≤8000 6,10 ≤2.0 8%-15% <60S ≤5 per hour
TCS3 5000-40000 6,10 ≤1.5 7%-12% <60S <5 per hour
TCS6 10000-50000 6,10 ≤1.2 5%-10% <60S <5 per hour  

VI Dimensions and weight

1.Part of the TCS 2, 3, 6 series device dimensions can refer to table 6-1, device weight  reference table 6-2.
2.Part of the outside dimensions refer to Figure 6-1 ~ 6-6.The figure also shows the start cabinet and running cabinet.Sometimes line cabinets and PT cabinets are needed (Figure is not drawn)
3.As Figure 6-1 ~ 6-6 shown, the voltage control cabinet and reactive power control cabinet are placed sides of running cabinet and start cabinet, but they can also be placed in a separate room with transformer and reactive power generator.
4.For small power motor.Sometimes reactive power control cabinet and reactive power generators are integrated into a reactive power control device;For large-power motor, the reactive generators may be composed of two or three sets
5.Overall size and weight of the above selection only for reference, the exact data will be supplied as final drawing.
Table 6-1 TCS device size table (W*D*H mm)
Type Transformer Voltage
Control cabinet
Reactive power generator Reactive power control device Start cabinet Running cabinet
TCS2-5000 2520*1170*2350 1000*1500*2300 1679*1170*1943 1200*1500*2300 800*1500
TCS2-8000 2640*1250*2635 1000*1500*2300 2075*1380*2072 1200*1500*2300 800*1500
TCS3-10000 2735*1350*2690 1000*1500*2300 2075*1380*2072 1200*1500*2300 800*1500
TCS3-12000 2755*1450*2750 1000*1500*2300 2075*1380*2422 1200*1500*2300 800*1500
TCS3-15000 2805*1450*2800 1000*1500*2300 2075*1380*2422 1200*1500*2300 1000*1500
TCS3-18000 2830*1450*2830 1000*1500*2300 2075*1500*2422 1200*1500*2300 1000*1500
TCS3-20000 2855*1650*2855 1000*1500*2300 2075*1500*2422 1200*1500*2300 1000*1500
TCS3-25000/10 2905*1650*2905 1000*1500*2300 2075*1500*2422 1200*1500*2300 1000*1500

Table 6-2  TCS device weight table(kg)
Type Transformer Voltage
Control cabinet
Reactive power
Reactive power
Control cabinet
TCS2-5000 4300 950 2900 1000 550 550 10250
TCS2-8000 5030 950 4750 1050 550 550 12880
TCS3-10000 5750 1000 6000 1050 550 550 14900
TCS3-12000 6300 1025 6050 1075 550 550 15550
TCS3-15000 7000 1050 6100 1075 550 550 16350
TCS3-18000 7350 1050 6150 1100 550 550 16750
TCS3-20000 7600 1050 6200 1100 650 650 17250
TCS3-25000/10 8200 1100 6200 1200 650 650 18000  

VII service conditions

1.Ambient Temperature::Not exceed 50°C(the 24h average Temperature not exceed 45°C),and not below -10°C.
2.Relative Humidity:90%;
4.Placed in room, free from excess vibration and impact, degree of vertical inclination not exceed 5°
5.Free from metallic particles, conductive dust and corrosive gas;
6.Without fire and explode danger.
Note:Please notify when ordering if the ambient temperature is below -10°C for a long time or the altitude exceeds 1000m.

VIII manufacturer standards

Equipment manufacturers comply with the following standards:
1.GB311.1-2-83 High-voltage power transmissions and transformation equipment, insulation coordination
2.GB311.2~311.6 High-voltage experimental technique
3.JB 7112-2000 A collected High Voltage Shunt Capacitor
4.GB/T6451-1999 Three-phase oil-immersed power transformers technical parameters and requirements
5.GB1094.1-1996 Power Transformer Part I:General Provisions
6.GB1094.2-1996 the second part of the temperature rise of power transformers
7.GB1094.3-2003 Power transformer Part III:Insulation level and insulation test
8.GB1094.5-2003 Power Transformer Part V:Of the ability to withstand short-circuit
9.GB/T10237-1988 Power transformer insulation levels and insulation testing of outer insulation of the air gap
10.GB/T 15164-1994 Oil-immersed power transformers Load Guide
11.GB5582 High-voltage electrical equipment, insulation contamination level
12.GB50150-91 Installation of electrical installations in the transfer of electrical equipment testing standard
13.GB5273 High-voltage electrical appliances, transformers and casing terminals
14.GB/T 11022-1999 High-voltage switchgear and control equipment standards for common technical requirements
15.GB3309-89 High-voltage switchgear room temperature mechanical testing
16.GB2682-1981 Electrical device sets the color of the lights and buttons
17.GB4208-1993 Enclosure protection class(IP code)

IX ordering information

The following information need to be provided when order.
1.Motor type, motor rated power, rated voltage, rated current, locked-rotor current times, start torque,  inertia of motor and load, short-circuit capacityload resistance torque curve
2.Primary circuit diagram, cabinet arrangement diagram, electricity Distribution Room Floor diagram.
Special requirements please consult separately with the manufacturer.
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